Looking Good?

Some musicians say their guitar is just a tool. And of course somehow it is. It’s the guitar player’s tool. But when you buy a guitar, you want it to sound good, be easy to play, but also it needs to look good. Or should I say look good on you? Whatever guitar you get, […]

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Hello Yellow?

Everyone knows them, those blokes that only wear the ‘right’ clothes, whatever that may be. An endless list of shoes, pants, jackets, shirts and stuff. Apparently it’s cool that some scene determines what brands you should like and wear. Even the colors are determined. Fortunately, as a photographer-designer, I’m able to see through this commercial

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The Right Spot?

I was born in a small hamlet of 10 houses. The families who lived there were more or less dependent on each other. Growing up in such a place had its advantages. You knew everyone and the whole world was your playground. At least that’s how it seemed to a small child. But of course

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Perfect Pitch?

It’s been a while since I started playing the drums. And yeah, I’m still learning! For starters I thought it would be a good idea to buy a snare drum. And so I left for Eindhoven. Up there you could always get a good deal at the music store Feedback (now Keymusic). I got into conversation

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Love At First Sight?

It was somewhere in spring in the early 70’s. Like every day, I passed the local music store on my way to school. But this day I was gonna get late for school. There she was in the shop window, a USA Fender Jazz Bass. A sunburst beauty with the chromed ashtray and pickup cover.

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