Love At First Sight?

It was somewhere in spring in the early 70’s. Like every day, I passed the local music store on my way to school. But this day I was gonna get late for school. There she was in the shop window, a USA Fender Jazz Bass. A sunburst beauty with the chromed ashtray and pickup cover. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The colors, the rosewood fretboard, the white bindings and mother of pearl inlay. The tuners and the ebony thumb rest, the tortoise pick guard. I liked every thing about this instrument. Well, every thing but the price. Next to her there was a Stratocaster in the same color configuration. I could not understand that the guitar was so much cheaper than the bass.

That price remained a problem for a long time. But then, about 10 years later, I had finally saved enough money to buy a real Jazz Bass. At least, more or less. Fender was still out of my leak but luckily there was Fender-Squier. And so I went to the store to get my first real Squier Jazz Bass made in Japan.

Believe it or not, I could not find a single Squire Jazz Bass. Precisions and Specials all over, in all kinds of freaky colors, but no Jazz Bass. I went from shop to shop and eventually I ended up in a shop in Weert. Arnolds Deal it was called. I’m not sure but I think they’re no longer in business. The very nice owner assured me that he could order a Jazz Bass, no problem. “How many of them do you want?” he said smiling.

Finally we came to a deal and so the bass was ordered. But then I got a phone call. There was indeed a problem. There were no Squier Jazz Basses in stock. Although…, there was one! But she was in a shop in the south of France and it was an Olympic White one! A white bass, despair struck. That doesn’t even look like a sunburst. But I wanted a Jazz Bass. I had to adjust my requirements and finally after careful consideration I agreed and for FL 1.500,00 the bass would arrive in a week. And of course it took a little longer but after about two weeks it was in the shop.

Immediately I rushed of to Weert. Would I like this bass, did she survive the trip from France to The Netherlands? But I can tell you, I liked her a lot. She was in perfect condition, sounded like thunder and it was love at first sight! I still own this bass and I cherish it more and more. This instrument I will never sell. I’ve played her for all demos and albums I recorded, so we share a history. Because of the color and her French descent, I called her Brigitte. Could it be otherwise?

Over the years my collection of basses has grown. Jazz, Precision, Mustang, Fenders and Squiers and even a Hofner Violin Bass.

And that 74 Sunburst Jazz? She’s is still on my wish list.

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