Hello Yellow?

Everyone knows them, those blokes that only wear the ‘right’ clothes, whatever that may be. An endless list of shoes, pants, jackets, shirts and stuff. Apparently it’s cool that some scene determines what brands you should like and wear. Even the colors are determined. Fortunately, as a photographer-designer, I’m able to see through this commercial warfare. I’m not part of any scene and nobody tells me what to like or not. No need manipulating me thank you. I like what I like and that’s okay.

But what do I like?

A while ago I was in the shop and a bright yellow Dean Stylist Cabbie Bass drew my attention. Yellow was my least favorite color by far but somehow I liked this bass. Even the fact that she came from China didn’t stop me from buying her. I’m glad I did because this bass has not been in production for long and now it seems she’s pretty hard to get. I called her Jodie and I’m very happy she’s around. Many a musician has asked me how the hell I could buy this yellow bass. And to be honest, if someone had told me a couple of years ago that I was going to buy a yellow bass I would have pronounced them officially mentally insane. But apparently I’ve let go of disliking yellow. This would never have happened if I had stuck to what others think is cool, pretty and permissible. 

Maybe a coincidence but not long after that I wrote a song called Yellow Fight. This song is all about thinking for yourself and letting go of all prejudices. Maybe I’ll put that song back online soon. Time will tell.

My aversion to the color yellow has completely disappeared and when I bought a new Monkeybike it had to be a yellow one.
They make a very nice couple. Don’t you think?

1 thought on “Hello Yellow?”

  1. Ga ervoor Frans en laat je van niets en niemand weerhouden, doe waar je goed in bent en veel plezier in vindt.
    Trots op je, gr Dien

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