A brief introduction…

The Apeman

Introducing The Apeman

Frans was born on February 24, 1960 in the township Berkelaar, The Netherlands. Growing up, his parents mainly listened to Dutch and German music and it wasn’t until he heard Neil Young’s album Harvest in 1972 that his interest in music was awakened. As a teenager, he listened to various bands and with time his interest in music deepened, with a particular passion for the bass guitar.

Intrigued by the apparently simple swampy bass lines of Tim Drummond (The Stray Gators) and Billy Talbot (Crazy Horse) but also the Motown bass lines of James Jameson (The Funk Brothers) he decided to become a bass player. However, it took several years before he was even able to purchase his first bass. Then, at a UK SUBS show, Frans got infected with a very serious and contagious virus called PUNK MUSIC. Soon after that he started performing in clubs and cafés in bands like Stress, The Massacre, Evil Conduct, Bouncing Soles, Gail of God, Slaughterhaus Five and several session bands. At the same time he was writing music for theater plays and various corporate videos. As an artist, he is strikingly versatile and always trying to get the right feel into the music without paying any attention to the commercial aspect.

Recently, however, live performances unexpectedly came to an end. Mercilessly cheated by so-called friends he considered giving up music altogether. After much deliberation he decided to set up this new project called Apeman’s Walk.