The musical journey…

Walk With Me

Apeman's walk

Apeman’s Walk is a project that consists of two main parts. First there’s THE WALK.
The Walk reveals the musical journey of The Apeman through songs. Some are pretty old and some brand new, covers and originals, in all kinds of musical styles but all of great personal value. 
Musical intersections about highs and lows and the consequences of following a chosen, sometimes shameful path.
The Walk illustrates how apparently unimportant incidents have had a major impact on the journey of the Apeman.
The honest story without mincing words.

All songs will be provided with an appropriate video clip and will be published on social media. The more punky songs may become part of The Hotpot Swingers. An ambitious project that will probably be realized by trial and error.

Join me in this musical project and discover the ups and downs of being a passionate musician and at the same time be warned for the pitfalls you too might encounter along the way.